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Our Trip to USK - Day 3 Thursday, May 18, 2006 |

Day 3:
We had remind ourselves that we had come for a VACATION, so this day we decided to go to the "Graaamathu Thoatam" and take bath in the pumpset over there. Had bottles of fresh Pathani and started our ride towards there, hot sun and it was fun riding out there.

Water was out with such a force and then started the fun, i guess it was almost 4/5 hours we had this fun. Aathi's mother had understood that these chennai vaazh guys arent going to come out of water so soon, so she had packed food, bottles of fresh Pathani. It was a royal vacation that we started having food within the tank, in the water :-) , then suku had gone alone for a adventure trip but unsuccessfull.

then was yet another very interesting part of the trip. One of the mission of the trip was to get Aathi's parrents look for a girl for aathi & initiate marriage talks for him.
as his mother was serving the food and his dad was along with us, we started the work but to our surprise.. his parents told in a unified voice that they didnt want to spoil a girls life so soon :-)))

we didnt giveup after this initial defeat, forgetting that aathi had been so nice to my grandpa (understood ?), we started talking to him. He is 92 years old and was happy to talk about his old days and he became very happy to start talk about Aathi's marriage.. There had been many groundworks for his marriage, so we were requested to convince aathi. Then just like that, i had said Aathi is loving a girl in his office (true/false ? which is ofcourse has to be opinion polled by t.nagar guys ;-) , his grandpa believed it and started enquiring Aathi about her, he was so cool that he wasnt worrying about the caste or anything. Atlast, aathi's dad came to rescue of aathi. When we were leaving, his grandpa has asked us to convince him to accept for marriage soon... :-D (suku.. Mission Successs !!!)

everytime our CK (refer the Day 1 for the meaning :-) takes a snap, Aathi had been saying wooow and encouraging him (or trying to keep him silent ?).. and this time, our CK who was sitting in front of aathi started singing (was it the "Paadagan" in him wokeup ?) and palakadhoshathula, aathi tried saying wooow but it turned out to be something different. Then, they gave me the work of a tourist guide protecting a archealogical place, each time someone comes and asks for the empty seat near me, i had to explain the historical importance of the place and the need for it to be empty :-)))

next day morning, reached Pudhukottai (mummy, you shud have been there, we would have finished our dinner there :-D). Calledup Sharmila's brother and went to the acco arranged for us. As we got ready over there, we saw her collegue with a gift and since we had decided to gift her during reception, we hadnt got anything. So now, there were hot discussions in the room on how to pack the picture hanging out there in the room.

atlast, convinced suku that we can gift her when all of us there and we started to the Marriage Hall. We first thought, that we were little early, we saw only men in the hall. Infact we were little disappointed ;-) but later realized that the use of the green screen hanging and seperating the marriage hall :-)))

Mappillai came to the dias, they discussed something, got signed from him and took the book acroos the screen, got signed from sharmila and the marriage was over, so simple was it :-)
the couples were on the stage, we waited for our turn, went up and wished her.

As per sharmila's request for everyone to have food, we had food (Illati mattum summa vandhu irupeengala-nu ketkaatheenga :-D)

then we now had our train from Trichy to Chennai and we are now in Pudhukottai. Took a bus and the driver was like, rolling, rolling, rolling the bus and we had serious thinking whether we had to bunk the office tomoro or not.

somehow reached the station and got the train at the very last moment.
Again the CK in suku wokeup and started demanding (or tortured ;-) everyone to be his models, had a very long chat..chat...chat and that was the end of the trip..

Our Trip to USK - Day 2 |

Day 2:
Aathi's dad was so surprised to see us get ready so early in the morning (but we know what all we had to tell to wakeup Bals & Aathi)... again it was this Jeep, but this time it was just 4 of us, yet Suku joined me in the footboard (?) trip

First sight of the USK Beach was Very Impressive.., Silent, not so harsh waves, Clean, No ppl around, cool breeze, sun rise. We just forgot ourselves, ran like anything and did many Gallata's in the Sand and had hellofa fun in the beach. We even started building Sand Castles and once it was buit, we went beyond that and constructing more ammuncations & ppl too ;-) (the camera battery went down when we had completed it, so no snap of it :-(

Came back home, now again had bath in the Pumpset in house and then Food. After the food, there were lotsa TenderCoconuts cut ready for us, there was this bottles of Pathani ready for us, not to worry about anything, had everything as much as possible ;-)

then went to Manapaakam, a place near by to spent some time in the small mount over there near the beach. It was such a breeze over there that we didnt wanted to leave that place so soon. Saw some beautiful very old churches and returned back.

during the night rounds went around the 4 streets and 8 houses of USK, we saw the bazzar place where there were lotsa shops, including the most required TASMARK ;-)

entire day aathi was convincing us that there were ppl in this village and its not desserted. Morning he used to say, ppl might be sleeping, midday he would say, its very sunny and so ppl are in the house, night he would say, ppl are sleeping. He tried his best to coverup, but he couldnt succeed logical questions from Bals ;-)

Now here was another best part of the Trip, Suku & Aathi wanted to see Tanjore and they kept insisting that we are gonna leave that night, but Bals and Me wanted to njoy this "Graaamathu Life" for some more time (but we also had hidden intentions of having the great food one more day :-D), so there was lotsa confusions of going to Tanjore, Trichy, Kanyakumari, Nagerkovil, Tirunelveli....etc.. but at the end, as usual it ended at USK itself.

Our Trip to USK - Day 1 |

Day 1:
Nari had come from Mumbai on his vacation after onsite, we all had to go on the same bus till madurai. The trip started with its own excitement, its getting time to go to CMBT and the call taxi guy is calling after reaching Pondybazar asking for where is the house in Pondybazar.

We didnt have much time and asked our auto drivers to become shumakkers. But there wasnt any need for that, the bus started from Chennai after a 3 hours delay.

Reached Madurai at morning (since we had planned to reach madurai in very early morning, we'd directly leave from there to USK), but now it was pretty late, so decided to go to my house. We had got down at Periyar Bus Stand and we had tough time convincing Suku that if he is going to fullfill his desires & stomach we arent going to make the trip (He was planning to have Jagardhanda, Alwaa, Parotta, Omlette, Tea, Panipoori, Bhelpoori from JamJam...etc, he had a very long list and each was from diff places).

Went home, had GREAT FOOD and left to USK. (In meantime, our guys had been so nice in the way they had talked to my grandpa ;-) , got very few food packets in the belief that we wouldnt get hungry since we had very heavy breakfast at 12:30, but thank god we atleast got few food packets :-)))

It was hot sun when we started, but in just couple of minutes there was cool breeze and drizzling, the bus travel was enjoyable. In this time we found a major change in our Suku, yeah the "Camera Kavingan" in suku woke up :-) , starting from the dozzing off Athi to the rain droplets in the window :-)

reached Thiruchendur that night and Bals had joined us there from his hometown. Thiruchendur makkal had a memorable time with our "CK" (Camera Kavingan) when he started taking the picture of the moon and analyzing why was it yellow in color (later we found that it was the street lamp). Then we found a parotta shop, and started emptying Omlettes out of the shop.

before that, i need to say this very important thing. Since our CK had decided to see a typical village, he had this so called "Graamathu Spirit" (read the first word in Bharathiraja's style) and started seeing everything in the "Graaaamathu" effect.. eg. the moon he saw was called "Graaamathu Nila", the streets were "Graaamathu Theru" and everything was given this spl tag of "Graaamathu.."

Now Thriuchendur is a town, an important tourist place, so we had transportation. But what about to USK from there. Guys you gotta believe it, we had transportation facility at that night and it was a yet another Unique experience.. It was just litl bigger Jeep yet it could accomodate soooo many ppl in it :-) , we saw couple of ppl hanging outta the jeep and i immediately joined the club. It was a great ride, with Cold wind gushing in your face, dark night lighted with the full moon, trees around, only the jeep rushing in the road.

reached USK and we got the option of bathing in the pumpset in the house, we didnt mind it being directly piped to the sea water ;-) , had a superbbbb bath, and great dinner was waiting for us. finished it and the next plan was to see the Sunrise in USK Beach. The tone everyone agreed to wakeup early was VERY CONFIDENT ;-)))

Our Trip to USK - Intro |

It all started after the Vandaloor g2g. The boys felt very excited to see everyone together and have the College fun during the whole day, while freaking out, while having food, while snacking and even while departing... Everyone were ready for such trips at regular intervals, but there was a break in deciding on the next trip, whether Vedanthaangal or Pondichery or whatelse...

Apr 14th Tamil new year was coming ahead and there was no signs of anyone planning of a trip, as usual i thought, lemme go for a trip alone somewhere to Northern part of Karnataka, cause this state was still in my hitlist. But then when i just gave a try in the group to checkout if any ppl would be interested, as expected lotsa options/suggestions poured in for an alternate date for this trip.. nothing seemed to workout..

suddenly there was an idea from Suku, suggesting to visit a typical village and Aathi's reply to it, inviting to his hometown (i'm not sure whether he did it for fun and later repented for it or not ;-)

Memorable trips have always been unplanned onthe spot decided trips and this one once again proved it.
Now there were only Suku,Bals,Me and ofcourse Aathi.

A weekend with lots of learning - Part I Monday, April 10, 2006 |

Aadhi, Suku and me (my collegebuddies) had decided to spend the saturday evening in a school annual day. What is so special about an annual day ?. It wasn't special about the annual day, It was special about the school whom conducted the annual day. It was "Gnana Deepam" a special school for special children, the students here are Mentally Challenged and are not from a middle class or above family , they are not from the city. These kids are from the outskirts villages.

The function was in the very outskirts of this city, the reason was so obvious. The children being benefited from this school are from villages along this outskirts area. When we reached, the function had already started. Not much of a crowd there, we couldn't identify whether the people assembled there were either parents or people who purchased these tickets, the point i was justifying myself was who would bother to travel to such an outskirts, just for a ticket worth Rs.10/-, was it the 10 Rs the worth or the physical presence & support , which one was worthful ?

Starting from Kurathigal, Munivargal to Thiyagigal were dancing in the stage with full enthusiasm & such a concentration that they never missed the steps. Every kid on the stage seemed to be enjoying the very moment, of music, colourful dresses and people clapping around.

It was a dramatic moment when the audio system stopped functioning in the peak moment of their folk dance. The master of the school responsible for the dance, came on-board, voiced the music beats with bare mouth and the kids danced perfectly well as they would have done for the music.

What is so interesting in it, we have seen such incidents in couple of movies also. But it took us couple of moments to realize that, these kids who were dancing were special, they were mentally challenged.

Their regular life is by practicing and following a routine. Expecting them to adopt to changes within couple of moments and that too with a touch of perfection, it was amazing. It was inspiring too.

There was a display of products made in Jute, Cloth, etc..etc made by the kids, irrelevantly a dialogue from the movie BLACK was flashing in my mind.

After the function, we paused to have a talk to Mrs.Uma Dhandauthapani (the person who is incharge of this school). One of the reason to engage in a discussion with her was to findout whether incase would this be the next assignment of the tce-crescendians.

It was a pretty hard to digest truth, to find out that there weren't much parents in the crowd. The teachers had to go to the kids house bring them and do all the work. There had been parents addicted to drugs/drinks who fail to take care for the child. Not to blame the parents, whose financial condition doesn't allow them to take care of these kids or uneducated parents who believe on the curse and a cure pattern of life for their current situation.

It was also great to hear how this school started in a Car Shed has now transformed into such a institute for a good cause. Sometimes when seeing people around us getting vexed out of life when they stumble somewhere in life, they fail to notice how much blessed they are.

It was a nice evening to be inspired & learn something worthwhile in life (other than a piece of junk code) .

Leave Conscience, didnt they have little Brain Thursday, March 09, 2006 |

"Oh ! now-a-days, they keep bombs in the cooker where we cook Dhal" - an approx translation of this sentence was the comment published along with a semi nude female

where do you think this has happened ? in any unknown, cheap magazine ?

No !, Its published in the newest evening newspaper in TamilNadu, and the leadership team heading this newspaper was awarded the best young businessman couple of years back.

What bloody business technique is this ?

You put fake news, You put the perspectives which favour you, You put half the news to create excitement, You put semi-nude pictures of women, You put ugly comments along with those pictures and what not you do for your business....

Now why the hell do you want to give such a perspective to one of the most sensitive, heart wreckening issue of the Nation..

Didnt the person composing this page or the editor approving it, didnt they have conscience, leave conscience... didnt they have little grain matter in thier skull ?!

The Argument Continues |

Recently i was fwded this post of one of my friends Poovithal (beautiful tamil name isnt it ? :-) and was asked my views on it , and after i commented i realized that the comment itself was long enough of a seperate post

I thought, i can share my views with my blogmates. Its one of the most discussed topics in and out of the blogshpere, but still then why the heck i should have my blog :-)

now here it goes...

The word Love in English is used in many terms unlike Tamil. The affection between a Father and her daughter is also love, at same time the kind of feeling between two youngsters is also called love, but now, atleast in our country , this word is being misused or misunderstood a lot (may be because of tamil cinemas :-)

>>> Since myself and my friends had lot of other things to discuss


During my school days, I had couple friends who wrote letters with blood, thank god!
Even though we used to site girls, at least I had the basic commonsense :-)

>>> will just talk such that no can hear

Yeah, I too wondered a lot how they are able to do this and what the heck do they talk daily so long :-)))

>>> They are not thinking about this thing before falling into love

Hmmm.... rite point... but if you ask them, they would say a poetic explanation "Love is blind"

Whenever I think of love, the very next thing that comes to my mind is Parents..., once
There was an argument with my roomies, when I was at onsite. It was about whether love
marriage is good or not, you’ll not believe we 3 ppl argued/fighted almost 5 continuous hours in a Sunday evening.... during the start me and other guy were against love but towards the end, only me was left against the love..

My argument was like...., "I don’t blindly hate love or blindly be against love. I am against only people who hurt their parents by falling in love"...

say, if there is a set of parents little bit open minded (no parents would 100% accept love, not just because they hate love, but just an over care they have on their children) surely they never be hurted by their children loving, surely they will talk to their child and their chosen partner, try to understand whether they both are in infatuation or real love.. Etc... And proceed...

there are these other set of parents, so innocent, they believe so much in us, they allow us to take our decisions during studies, or going to work or going abroad, or making other career plans, but when children of these parents go and stand before them with love, is this what they expected from them ? Is this the best result that a child could give in returns of TRUST what the parents had kept on them?

Parents-kunu evlo kanavugal irukum, sure, namakum namma life pathi kanavugal irukum, athu nama life, not our parents life...ellam true, BUT WHAT IS WORTH OF PROCEEDING TO MAKING OUR DREAMS COME TRUE BY CRUSHING YOUR PARENTS TRUST AND DREAM WITH

Arranged marriage-naley, munna pina theriyaatha aal, but love marriage-na nalla palagunom-nu oru reason solraanga... but its realy idiotic reason...

When ppl love, they don’t see the negatives, they grow more expectations... so when they see even a small -ve after marriage, it bursts like anything...

But when arranged... you tend to adjust yourself or make the other adjust to yourself that is called love...

rendu likely thinking ulavunga seratha vida, konjam differences thaan makes life interesting... surely making it a problem or making it interesting is in your hands... whether its love or arranged marriage.. So don’t blame arranged marriage...

Then, they say... jaadhi and other social differences will go off...cmon... its another bull shit reason... , show me a intercast love marriage, after which the girl hasnt turned into the guys cast or the kid hasnt choosen any cast... it will never happen..

For that to change... every individual has to do thier role in the society, so athukum the type of marraige-kum avlo neraya influence kedayathu...

Sometimes, ppl even say that oru kolandhaiyoda vantha parents manasu maariruvaanga, c’mon... they dont change minds but they just have to accept you, no other go... but whatever they accept, Avunga manasula naama erpaduthuna Kaayam, Kaayam thaaney... athu ennaikumey aaraathu... athu manasula uruthikitey irukum... is that what we should gift our parents...?

Life-ndrathu enathu, orutharuku oruthar vitukudutho porathu, orutharoda enangala aduthavunga mathichu nadakurathu.... so why don’t we apply that to our parents... you can even say, why cant we expect that from our parrents to do it for us, cmon... your parrents have already sacrificed thier entire life for you..., if at this point you say that, who asked them to sacrifice, its foolish decision by them, did i ask them to do so, or say its thier duty.. Then you are sick!! I know a person from a very remote village but given abundance freedom to go out of village and study (there weren’t much girls studying so high in their community)..., then that friend was sent out to long distance to work in a very remote place... that too when the friends close relatives pressed so much not to send that far, the parents had so much confidence,trust and love to make the friends wishes to come true... then the friend even went to a different country when the entire set of relatives were against this decision.. Still the parents had the same trust and love to make her wishes true...

At the end do you know what happened, the friend didn’t care of the parents trust or the other children’s future, the friend came with a love to the parents... and the love was like proposed in a telephonic conversation, from whom the friend used to chat for 1 hour daily and that too, the way it was proposed was like, "lets start moving close to eachother, if you wish lets continue, else we can depart"...., i really dunno how genuine this is, on outer it may look a very gentle approach, but i personally feel its such a mean approach..

I would again say...
Parents-kunu evlo kanavugal irukum, sure, namakum namma life pathi kanavugal irukum, athu nama life, not our parents life...ellam true, BUT WHAT IS WORTH OF PROCEEDING TO MAKING OUR DREAMS COME TRUE BY CRUSHING YOUR PARENTS TRUST AND DREAM WITH YOUR FEAT...

If really the parents are ready for any of your decisions, then you choosing your own partner is always better (but it needs to be the right age and right way)...

LET US NOT SPOIL THE TRUST AND DREAMS OF OUR PARENTS.... cauz... Once it’s destroyed... It hurts a LOT...

Next Trip ?! Friday, February 10, 2006 |

I know that,

1. You are the Pillers of your projecs.
2. All the projects needs your inputs to execute properly,
2. Whole wireless Network will come down if you take leave or
3. All power stations will be in problem in case of your absence or
4. Roads,buildings and dams will collapse if you are not at work.

But its my marriage and its your responsibility to be there. So stop all your devlopment,bug fixing and maintenance works for a day.

Plan your trip

My wedding occasion doesn't contain catch blocks for NoTimeException,TooBusyException,
NextWeekDelieveryException and other run time errors.

So pack your bags and book your tickets …

P.S: hey that wasnt mine :-D hehehe!!! It was an Interesting Marriage Invitation i got from my Jaipur friend, oop !!! my legs are itching for a travel :-D

My First Experience Wednesday, February 08, 2006 |

This was my first experience, i had never imagined that i would do this. It all happened out of my control, it was pretty embarassing when everyone who knew about it asked me how can you be so careless :-(

hey guys, dont imagine anything else, I have just lost my mobile. Just ?!!! how could i ever say so carelessly that i just lost my mobile ??!?!!?!

When i was in back in Cal, I never wanted to buy a mobile even when everyone in our AL 111 & FC 25 house had a mobile, happily chatting and murmering with thier partners. Somehow i felt that it was a kind of chain to our freedom. Either from work or from home, something or the other would disturb the freedom i would be njoying in streets of kolkata.

but atlast after 1.5 years of completion, my mom started pestering me daily to get a mobile, so that she could call me even when i forget for weeks.

with halfmind i started looking for mobiles and easily settled with Sony Ericsson J200i and it was the day next to 2005 new year, i brought this mobile. eventhough i was halfminded when i brought this little stuff, it took my heart like anything. The damn cool ringtones and especially the Sony famous crystal clear sound made me different from the crowd of nokias.

It was just 2 months then, i had to leave to Onsite and i didnt want to leave this mobile not even to my bro, so took it with me even after knowing that i couldnt use this. and now i start using it after 8 months of break and in just 2 weeks i stand here loosing it :-(

I was travelling from Saidapet bustop to office and it was the start of the week, i had it in the side pocket and half way through the travel i realized that the mobile was missing. Unfortunately to my luck, there were noone with mobile in the bus, i was thinking of giving a call to my mobile immediately to try my luck if at all the culprit had been in the bus that time.

There had been a much dense crowd in Cal bus travels yet, there had never been a situation of theft in the bus atleast :-(

Need for BLOODY Speed Monday, February 06, 2006 |

I had never thought that i would start this new blog with such a post.

Guys/Gals reading this, if you are a speedstar and reason it as a risk taking adventure activity in life, go bang your bloody face against a rock solid wall.

Last week when i read this post of my friend cne , i was pretty thrilled and excited. But yesterday when i saw another close friend h.e.r.o literally smashed against the tree, got stuck inside the damages.

Just on his knee and above his knee the flesh had openedup, in the size of a cricket ball., Multiple complex fractures in his leg, Five multiple fractures in his left arm, pretty much damage in his ribs, he lost his left eyebrow totally, still no idea on his left eyesight, severe damages on his cheeks, scratches all over his body left side, blood whoozing in some stem or something in the brain, backbone would have been also hit little.....

he was operated yesterday midnight, and found that the blood whoozing in the brain may cauze a very critical if it gets clot, an CRT scan today afternoon would give a result on his status.

3/4 plates have been placed with so many rods and nuts in his leg, he should be in hospital for 12 days and be in complete bed rest in house for minimum 3 months, could he be normal after that, nope... he has to be carefull till his bones grow and get fixed...

could he be normal after that, nope.. he has to go through another surgery to remove the steel plates, rods and nuts...

could he be normal after that, nope.. he has to be carefull for another 6 months to get all the holes caused by the metal bolts and nutes , to get closed...

could he be normal after that atleast, never... still he has to be very carefull on his new current delecate bone...

what else is happening ?????

he was doing very very well in his work after finishing his MBA, he had earned a very good name, got a very good experience, had a clear vision on his future, was working towards his future plans and dreams, had always participated in many social activites, had been a wonderful friend, had been a lovely brother to two sisters, had been a responsible son to his mom and dad.... now he has made everyone suffer through a mental agony for a minimum of 2 years till he becomes normal after removing the plates in his legs...

what would carress, the pain suffered by his parrents when they hear the blood whoozing in brain, blood clotting, coma, blah..blah.. and all other news...

what is going to replace his growth this 6 months....

so far, nothing serious has happened. His surgery yesterday was successful, he is awake, talking to us, strong and confident mentally.

All could have been avoided or atleast the impact could have been reduced by a SEAT BELT or avoid an unneccesary midnight HIGH SPEED ride made just for fun.

for ppl who says, there is nothing interesting in life without risk or to ppl who says, whatz there in life without risk..

i would again strongly say, go and bang your bloody f**** face in a rock solid wall...

doing a Bungee jump from a 200 storeys building is taking risk, but just jumping from a 200 storeys building, i would say its a nonsense, f****** decision.


so much

Fill me with meaningful content

"Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo. Nemo enim ipsam voluptatem quia voluptas sit aspernatur aut odit aut fugit, sed quia consequuntur magni dolores eos qui ratione voluptatem sequi nesciunt. Neque porro quisquam est, qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit, sed quia non numquam eius modi tempora incidunt ut labore et dolore magnam aliquam quaerat voluptatem. Ut enim ad minima veniam, quis nostrum exercitationem ullam corporis suscipit laboriosam, nisi ut aliquid ex ea commodi consequatur? Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem eum fugiat quo voluptas nulla pariatur?"