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Our Trip to USK - Day 2

Day 2:
Aathi's dad was so surprised to see us get ready so early in the morning (but we know what all we had to tell to wakeup Bals & Aathi)... again it was this Jeep, but this time it was just 4 of us, yet Suku joined me in the footboard (?) trip

First sight of the USK Beach was Very Impressive.., Silent, not so harsh waves, Clean, No ppl around, cool breeze, sun rise. We just forgot ourselves, ran like anything and did many Gallata's in the Sand and had hellofa fun in the beach. We even started building Sand Castles and once it was buit, we went beyond that and constructing more ammuncations & ppl too ;-) (the camera battery went down when we had completed it, so no snap of it :-(

Came back home, now again had bath in the Pumpset in house and then Food. After the food, there were lotsa TenderCoconuts cut ready for us, there was this bottles of Pathani ready for us, not to worry about anything, had everything as much as possible ;-)

then went to Manapaakam, a place near by to spent some time in the small mount over there near the beach. It was such a breeze over there that we didnt wanted to leave that place so soon. Saw some beautiful very old churches and returned back.

during the night rounds went around the 4 streets and 8 houses of USK, we saw the bazzar place where there were lotsa shops, including the most required TASMARK ;-)

entire day aathi was convincing us that there were ppl in this village and its not desserted. Morning he used to say, ppl might be sleeping, midday he would say, its very sunny and so ppl are in the house, night he would say, ppl are sleeping. He tried his best to coverup, but he couldnt succeed logical questions from Bals ;-)

Now here was another best part of the Trip, Suku & Aathi wanted to see Tanjore and they kept insisting that we are gonna leave that night, but Bals and Me wanted to njoy this "Graaamathu Life" for some more time (but we also had hidden intentions of having the great food one more day :-D), so there was lotsa confusions of going to Tanjore, Trichy, Kanyakumari, Nagerkovil, Tirunelveli....etc.. but at the end, as usual it ended at USK itself.

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  • Blogger Cne says so:
    Sunday, July 23, 2006 5:52:00 PM  

    U guys have had an awesome time da....I missed that.But u need a very very clean innocent and happy heart to find happiness in such small things!! top