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A weekend with lots of learning - Part I

Aadhi, Suku and me (my collegebuddies) had decided to spend the saturday evening in a school annual day. What is so special about an annual day ?. It wasn't special about the annual day, It was special about the school whom conducted the annual day. It was "Gnana Deepam" a special school for special children, the students here are Mentally Challenged and are not from a middle class or above family , they are not from the city. These kids are from the outskirts villages.

The function was in the very outskirts of this city, the reason was so obvious. The children being benefited from this school are from villages along this outskirts area. When we reached, the function had already started. Not much of a crowd there, we couldn't identify whether the people assembled there were either parents or people who purchased these tickets, the point i was justifying myself was who would bother to travel to such an outskirts, just for a ticket worth Rs.10/-, was it the 10 Rs the worth or the physical presence & support , which one was worthful ?

Starting from Kurathigal, Munivargal to Thiyagigal were dancing in the stage with full enthusiasm & such a concentration that they never missed the steps. Every kid on the stage seemed to be enjoying the very moment, of music, colourful dresses and people clapping around.

It was a dramatic moment when the audio system stopped functioning in the peak moment of their folk dance. The master of the school responsible for the dance, came on-board, voiced the music beats with bare mouth and the kids danced perfectly well as they would have done for the music.

What is so interesting in it, we have seen such incidents in couple of movies also. But it took us couple of moments to realize that, these kids who were dancing were special, they were mentally challenged.

Their regular life is by practicing and following a routine. Expecting them to adopt to changes within couple of moments and that too with a touch of perfection, it was amazing. It was inspiring too.

There was a display of products made in Jute, Cloth, etc..etc made by the kids, irrelevantly a dialogue from the movie BLACK was flashing in my mind.

After the function, we paused to have a talk to Mrs.Uma Dhandauthapani (the person who is incharge of this school). One of the reason to engage in a discussion with her was to findout whether incase would this be the next assignment of the tce-crescendians.

It was a pretty hard to digest truth, to find out that there weren't much parents in the crowd. The teachers had to go to the kids house bring them and do all the work. There had been parents addicted to drugs/drinks who fail to take care for the child. Not to blame the parents, whose financial condition doesn't allow them to take care of these kids or uneducated parents who believe on the curse and a cure pattern of life for their current situation.

It was also great to hear how this school started in a Car Shed has now transformed into such a institute for a good cause. Sometimes when seeing people around us getting vexed out of life when they stumble somewhere in life, they fail to notice how much blessed they are.

It was a nice evening to be inspired & learn something worthwhile in life (other than a piece of junk code) .

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