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Our Trip to USK - Day 1

Day 1:
Nari had come from Mumbai on his vacation after onsite, we all had to go on the same bus till madurai. The trip started with its own excitement, its getting time to go to CMBT and the call taxi guy is calling after reaching Pondybazar asking for where is the house in Pondybazar.

We didnt have much time and asked our auto drivers to become shumakkers. But there wasnt any need for that, the bus started from Chennai after a 3 hours delay.

Reached Madurai at morning (since we had planned to reach madurai in very early morning, we'd directly leave from there to USK), but now it was pretty late, so decided to go to my house. We had got down at Periyar Bus Stand and we had tough time convincing Suku that if he is going to fullfill his desires & stomach we arent going to make the trip (He was planning to have Jagardhanda, Alwaa, Parotta, Omlette, Tea, Panipoori, Bhelpoori from JamJam...etc, he had a very long list and each was from diff places).

Went home, had GREAT FOOD and left to USK. (In meantime, our guys had been so nice in the way they had talked to my grandpa ;-) , got very few food packets in the belief that we wouldnt get hungry since we had very heavy breakfast at 12:30, but thank god we atleast got few food packets :-)))

It was hot sun when we started, but in just couple of minutes there was cool breeze and drizzling, the bus travel was enjoyable. In this time we found a major change in our Suku, yeah the "Camera Kavingan" in suku woke up :-) , starting from the dozzing off Athi to the rain droplets in the window :-)

reached Thiruchendur that night and Bals had joined us there from his hometown. Thiruchendur makkal had a memorable time with our "CK" (Camera Kavingan) when he started taking the picture of the moon and analyzing why was it yellow in color (later we found that it was the street lamp). Then we found a parotta shop, and started emptying Omlettes out of the shop.

before that, i need to say this very important thing. Since our CK had decided to see a typical village, he had this so called "Graamathu Spirit" (read the first word in Bharathiraja's style) and started seeing everything in the "Graaaamathu" effect.. eg. the moon he saw was called "Graaamathu Nila", the streets were "Graaamathu Theru" and everything was given this spl tag of "Graaamathu.."

Now Thriuchendur is a town, an important tourist place, so we had transportation. But what about to USK from there. Guys you gotta believe it, we had transportation facility at that night and it was a yet another Unique experience.. It was just litl bigger Jeep yet it could accomodate soooo many ppl in it :-) , we saw couple of ppl hanging outta the jeep and i immediately joined the club. It was a great ride, with Cold wind gushing in your face, dark night lighted with the full moon, trees around, only the jeep rushing in the road.

reached USK and we got the option of bathing in the pumpset in the house, we didnt mind it being directly piped to the sea water ;-) , had a superbbbb bath, and great dinner was waiting for us. finished it and the next plan was to see the Sunrise in USK Beach. The tone everyone agreed to wakeup early was VERY CONFIDENT ;-)))

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