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Our Trip to USK - Intro

It all started after the Vandaloor g2g. The boys felt very excited to see everyone together and have the College fun during the whole day, while freaking out, while having food, while snacking and even while departing... Everyone were ready for such trips at regular intervals, but there was a break in deciding on the next trip, whether Vedanthaangal or Pondichery or whatelse...

Apr 14th Tamil new year was coming ahead and there was no signs of anyone planning of a trip, as usual i thought, lemme go for a trip alone somewhere to Northern part of Karnataka, cause this state was still in my hitlist. But then when i just gave a try in the group to checkout if any ppl would be interested, as expected lotsa options/suggestions poured in for an alternate date for this trip.. nothing seemed to workout..

suddenly there was an idea from Suku, suggesting to visit a typical village and Aathi's reply to it, inviting to his hometown (i'm not sure whether he did it for fun and later repented for it or not ;-)

Memorable trips have always been unplanned onthe spot decided trips and this one once again proved it.
Now there were only Suku,Bals,Me and ofcourse Aathi.

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