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Our Trip to USK - Day 3

Day 3:
We had remind ourselves that we had come for a VACATION, so this day we decided to go to the "Graaamathu Thoatam" and take bath in the pumpset over there. Had bottles of fresh Pathani and started our ride towards there, hot sun and it was fun riding out there.

Water was out with such a force and then started the fun, i guess it was almost 4/5 hours we had this fun. Aathi's mother had understood that these chennai vaazh guys arent going to come out of water so soon, so she had packed food, bottles of fresh Pathani. It was a royal vacation that we started having food within the tank, in the water :-) , then suku had gone alone for a adventure trip but unsuccessfull.

then was yet another very interesting part of the trip. One of the mission of the trip was to get Aathi's parrents look for a girl for aathi & initiate marriage talks for him.
as his mother was serving the food and his dad was along with us, we started the work but to our surprise.. his parents told in a unified voice that they didnt want to spoil a girls life so soon :-)))

we didnt giveup after this initial defeat, forgetting that aathi had been so nice to my grandpa (understood ?), we started talking to him. He is 92 years old and was happy to talk about his old days and he became very happy to start talk about Aathi's marriage.. There had been many groundworks for his marriage, so we were requested to convince aathi. Then just like that, i had said Aathi is loving a girl in his office (true/false ? which is ofcourse has to be opinion polled by t.nagar guys ;-) , his grandpa believed it and started enquiring Aathi about her, he was so cool that he wasnt worrying about the caste or anything. Atlast, aathi's dad came to rescue of aathi. When we were leaving, his grandpa has asked us to convince him to accept for marriage soon... :-D (suku.. Mission Successs !!!)

everytime our CK (refer the Day 1 for the meaning :-) takes a snap, Aathi had been saying wooow and encouraging him (or trying to keep him silent ?).. and this time, our CK who was sitting in front of aathi started singing (was it the "Paadagan" in him wokeup ?) and palakadhoshathula, aathi tried saying wooow but it turned out to be something different. Then, they gave me the work of a tourist guide protecting a archealogical place, each time someone comes and asks for the empty seat near me, i had to explain the historical importance of the place and the need for it to be empty :-)))

next day morning, reached Pudhukottai (mummy, you shud have been there, we would have finished our dinner there :-D). Calledup Sharmila's brother and went to the acco arranged for us. As we got ready over there, we saw her collegue with a gift and since we had decided to gift her during reception, we hadnt got anything. So now, there were hot discussions in the room on how to pack the picture hanging out there in the room.

atlast, convinced suku that we can gift her when all of us there and we started to the Marriage Hall. We first thought, that we were little early, we saw only men in the hall. Infact we were little disappointed ;-) but later realized that the use of the green screen hanging and seperating the marriage hall :-)))

Mappillai came to the dias, they discussed something, got signed from him and took the book acroos the screen, got signed from sharmila and the marriage was over, so simple was it :-)
the couples were on the stage, we waited for our turn, went up and wished her.

As per sharmila's request for everyone to have food, we had food (Illati mattum summa vandhu irupeengala-nu ketkaatheenga :-D)

then we now had our train from Trichy to Chennai and we are now in Pudhukottai. Took a bus and the driver was like, rolling, rolling, rolling the bus and we had serious thinking whether we had to bunk the office tomoro or not.

somehow reached the station and got the train at the very last moment.
Again the CK in suku wokeup and started demanding (or tortured ;-) everyone to be his models, had a very long chat..chat...chat and that was the end of the trip..

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